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November 19, 2016
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Clean shoe soles without annoying wiping off

Forget standard floor mats or dirt-trapping mats. With the ProfilGate® go sole cleaning system you achieve better results with less effort.

How does the system work?

Loc8 - ProfilGate® go is a clean running zone that is installed at ground level. If the structural conditions do not permit this, a solution with ramps is also possible in exceptional cases. The cleaning system consists of stainless steel trays which are installed in the floor. Grates are inserted into these stainless steel trays. Brush strips are fixed into these grates. The special feature of the patented brush strips is their pre-tensioning paired with an inclined bristling. .

When pedestrians pass over the cleaning area, the brush strips start to swing automatically due to the weight. The bristles reach deep into the shoe profiles and actively remove dust and other dirt. The entire process is purely mechanical and fully automatic. The dirt residues fall past the brush strips, through the grates into the trays below and are collected there. The dirt can easily be vacuumed out or swept out at a later point in time.

The advantages at a glance

  • The system can be easily integrated into operational processes, since normal transition already leads to function. - No extra shoe wiping..
  • The dirt does not stick in the brushes, but falls one level below into the stainless steel trays. - No more picking up and carrying the dirt through the following pedestrians.
  • The system is purely mechanical. - No power supply needed & low maintenance costs!

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    Where is an installation particularly worthwhile?

    A typical area that is already equipped with ProfilGate® go for many customers is the personnel entrance. The employees come to the workplace from outside and still have dirt on their shoes. However, if they make their first steps in the building on a ProfilGate® go clean running zone, the dirt is stopped directly at the entrance. Many customers associate this sole cleaning with a hygiene sluice in which hand wash basins are also installed.

    A further area of application is the transition from the changing area to production. If you install a cleaning field at this location, you can prevent employees from carrying buildup into your production and also prevent dirt from being carried out of your production.

    Maybe you have a lot of employees who want to get some fresh air during their break or go outside to smoke a cigarette. The installation of a ProfilGate® go cleaning field at the door to the break area is a proven solution to prevent dirt from entering.

    A ProfilGate® go field is also recommended for the protection of clean halls. In combination with a cleaning field for tires, you are ideally equipped to minimize the amount of dirt that can get in through passenger and vehicle traffic.

    Quality made in Germany

    With our individual solutions, we help our customers to minimize particle contamination in production, assembly and logistics in order to ensure technical cleanliness this way. As a component of a hygiene concept in the food industry, ProfilGate® hygienic sluices can contribute to achieve important certifications according to BRC or IFS..

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