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Fork Truck Solutions

Loc8 dedicates constant attention to the specific needs of each client, selecting quality products and availing of highly qualified staff know-how. A fit for purpose forklift guarantees better productivity, enhanced performance and, most importantly, increases the level of safety in the workplace. This is why special products are of central importance to Loc8 and we can analyze each clients specific needs and provide the best technical solution.

Custom Line

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A custom made forklift will save you Space, Time and money as well as increasing the level of safety in the workplace. Which is why the fork trucks solution is central importance to Loc8 in structuring our offer to valued clients.

A determining factor in this is the design office's support which, with its expertise, assists in the optional truck selection for your needs.

We can offer forklifts for daily movement of special loads in a vast range of goods sectors (automotive, textile, engineering, paper, iron and steel, metal working, agriculture, foodstuff industries...).

Forklifts meeting specific needs came about through collaboration with user clients, passing through careful analysis of each working condition, by conducting inspections and checks in the user locations therefore the clients' logistical, production and safety requirements can be understood and met as appropriately as possible.

Standard Forklifts

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Standard Forklifts the vast range of electronic pallet trucks with low lift and operator accompanied can meet the broadest needs for light, medium and heavy horizontal movement.

The structure is manufactured with a bent frame to reduce force caused by welding to a minimum and ensure maximum stability and optimum mechanical strength in all transport situations. The battery compartment, which is simply accessible by lifting the bonnet, simplifies daily and periodic operations for top-ups and controls.

Each drive shaft is easily reached to ensure productivity and precision and guarantee greater efficiency. The steering head, manufactured in ABS, with a steel core capable of absorbing strong knocks without deforming, fork lifting and descent but-tons on both sides and acoustic warning buttons are in a central and safe position to guarantee excellent positioning of the crush-prevention device.

Reliable and powerful traction motor with three-phase ac current, anti-roll back and anti-roll down devices, all the traction and electric braking parameters are electronically adjustable using a programming console.There are three braking systems in the entire range: braking with reverse direction, emergency braking and stationary braking with the drive shaft in the vertical position.


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