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December 17, 2016
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Workbenches & Drawer Cabinets

Every workstation can be practically equipped with workbenches in a space-saving way. The combinable workbench tops, drawers and equipment cabinets, vices and rear panels can be organised to create optimum working conditions, always taking into account the latest findings in ergonomics.

Different Types of Workbenches & Drawer Cabinets

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Providing workshop system designed for the most demanding of applications the Lista range covers drawer cabinets, cupboards, workbenches & storage and transport solutions..

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Cabinets & Storage

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Are you looking for "a place for everything and everything in its place?" Then look no further than Lista storage cabinets. Our high-density drawer, mobile, tool, shelf and specialty cabinets are ideal for organization and access to parts, tools and items of nearly any size and type. And with all-steel construction and heavy-duty welds, they're built for the long haul..

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Are you looking for “a place for everything and everything in […]

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