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Museum Storage

Your mission is to preserve and protect the objects entrusted to your care, and our mission is to help. We support institutions of all sizes in their efforts to manage risk, boost community engagement, optimize space, and stretch limited budgets.

Museum Storage Cabinets

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Museum storage cabinets is designed to protect collections, save space, and provide enduring solutions for institutions of all sizes. From our popular all-purpose cabinets to specialized cabinets for botany, entomology, and other disciplines, our museum cases are fully configurable and customizable to suit any need.
We understand that no collection is standard, and we’ll help design a storage solution to fit your collection, your facility, and your day-to-day processes. Viking metal cabinets are designed to protect stored items from dust, water, and damage and preserve them for years to come, and all of our museum storage cabinets can be mounted on compact mobile shelving to make the most optimal use of available space.

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See how much time and efficiency your unit could regain by using SharkCage. Learn about our options for storing and transporting gear, tires, hazardous materials, and more.

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Museum fine art storage solutions

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We understand how to protect precious works of art and optimize storage space to ensure any fine art collection continues to grow
Uniquely designed art storage racks conserve space and provide multiple level of security for paintings storage.
Museum-grade cabinets are ideal for safe three-dimensional art storage, such as jewelry storage and ceramics storage.
1) Single- or double-door models can be configured in any number of ways.
2) Glass doors offer a full view of stored items, minimizing the need touch priceless objects.
3) Smooth-gliding drawers or trays are perfect for organizing and protecting smaller items, or flat artwork.
To save floor space and protect diverse collections of three-dimensional items, a museum storage specialist will often recommend one of Mobile Storage systems. Mobile shelving for fine arts storage is specifically designed to safeguard collections of any significance or magnitude.
Depending on the size and diversity of your collection, any combination of art racks, cabinets, mobile storage systems, and fixed shelving systems might be necessary to create a comprehensive, reliable fine art storage solution that matches both the spatial footprint and the characteristics of the collection.

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