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Warehouse racking, also referred to as pallet racking, entails a mass storage system designed to stockpile goods on skids or pallets to enable a more efficient use of space as well as a smooth flow of warehouse operations. Ever since the 1940s, the warehouse racking system has become a critical aspect of warehouse operations due to its effectiveness in the utilization of space as it actively consolidates materials in an orderly fashion for preservation and ease of access.

However, certain factors need to be considered to ensure that this efficiency is achieved. Factors such as the space available, warehouse layout, type of materials that require storage, the cost vis a vis the amount of revenue available for the pallet racking system that you require, just to highlight a few.

As a warehouse operator in the UAE, you may need the relevant knowledge on what warehouse racking system is most suitable for your warehouse racking layout. Which is why this article has compiled all the information you need to know pertaining to warehouse racking so that you can maximize on convenient and cost-effective warehouse racking systems.

Warehouse Racking Systems in the UAE

With the increased industrial growth of the UAE especially in Dubai, goods and resources have had a major flow in and out of the vastly growing industries. And as such, the need to store these materials has risen. That has consequently led to the growth and advancement of the warehouse racking industry which is aimed at making shelving in the UAE more efficient.

The following are the various aspects of warehouse racking system applied by any supplier in the country in the provision of this fundamental industrial service.

Warehouse Racking Types

There are various types of warehouse racking systems designed uniquely to suit the different storage functions despite their generalized universal function. The following are the most common and efficient warehouse racking system designs for your different warehouse storage needs.

Warehouse Racking

Conventional Pallet Racking

The conventional pallet racking system is a generalized storage system designed to cater to the different kinds of stored materials. It entails an extensive selection of basic features meant to cater to the diverse storage needs.

Goods of all sizes and weights are legible to be stored in this kind of pallet racking system so long as you can find the right spot for them within the space variety available.

Despite its focus on variety, this warehouse racking system is designed with the relevant considerations to ease access and safety of the goods stored and the individuals working around them.


Cantilever Racks Vertical Storage

Cantilever Racks and Vertical Storage

Do your goods entail materials such as plywood, timber sheets, chipboards, pipes, tubing and building materials among others in this category? If yes, then this warehouse racking system is ideal for you. It has been designed for the mass storage of long bulky products.

The cantilever structure deliberately lacks front uprights which therefore enables easy access in the placing and recovery of stored products.

That feature makes it useful in various aspects including maximization of floor space by using vertical space, safe and economical, lowers handling cost and is time-conservative.


Live Storage Racking System

Live Storage System

This racking system entails the application of roller tracks with on-load and off-load faces that rely on the force of gravity to operate.

The goods are placed on the on-load face from where they travel down the rolling tracks with the aid of gravitational pull to the off-load face for retrieval when required. The goods pile in a linear fashion so that when one is removed, the rest push forward to replace its position on the off-load face for retrieval.

The live storage racking system is quite utile for the ultra-dense storage of sealed goods and operates under the FIFO (First In, First Out) storage system.


Mobile Pallet Racking System

Mobile Pallet Racking

This pallet racking system could be also be called convenient racking system because that is exactly what it is all about. It entails the conventional racking system incorporated into mobile bases. It allows for opening and closing of aisles as well enable increased access of products. This type of racking is ideal for expensive build facilities such as cold stores as it will use half the space of conventional racking.

Still, on the convenience factor, the mobile racking system can be controlled either manually or remotely by the means of an integrated Radio-Frequency system depending on your preference.



High Bay Pallet Racking System

High Bay Pallet Racking

This pallet racking type is quite unique in structure given that it entails the use of cranes. It utilizes the height aspect of the warehouse with the cranes designed to specially organize goods within the different levels of this installation.

The cranes run through a rail mounted on the floor which is held in position by a top guide rail. Depending on your warehouse layout, the High Bay Pallet Racking system offers options between single deep or double storage systems.



Drive In Racking System

Drive-Through or Drive-in Warehouse Racking System

The drive-through and drive-in pallet racking systems entail the application of the forklift which is used to access the stacked rows within its structure. The entry and exit points of this warehouse racking system that the forklift accesses is known as a bay.

The existence of the entry and exit points is what differentiates between the drive-in and drive-through systems. A drive-in warehouse racking system only has an entry point whereas the drive-through warehouse racking system entails an entry and exit point so that the forklift does go out from where it came in.

Due to the structure of the drive-in warehouse racking system design, you will need to apply the LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage system. The drive-through racking system, on the other hand, can apply the former system as well as the FIFO (First In, First Out) storage system.

Note that the difference in these alternatives makes them utile for the storage of different kinds of materials where shelf life and expiration dates are major considerations.

The drive-through system is more efficient and allows better access for the forklift compared to its alternative. However, the amount of floor space available, as well as the warehouse racking layout design relative to the warehouse layout design, are factors that come into play when considering which of the two is more practical within your establishment.

Push-back Warehouse Racking System

This warehouse racking system is designed to focus on the utilization of the warehouse’s depth rather than width to enhance the facility’s storage density. By focusing on the arrangement of materials based on the warehouse’s layout system, it greatly saves on aisle space, with the added benefit of the pallets being accessible by any type of fork truck.

This is another racking system that applies roller tracks though unlike its counterpart, this pallet racking operates using the LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage method. The system saves on energy as it relies on gravity to push the goods packed on a pallet backward for accessibility and is a fast way to offload pallets.

Efficient Planning in Warehouse Racking

A warehouse today is not just a large storage space but also a business enterprise. That means that whatever operations go on in there need to happen with the most efficiency to ensure that that the client is satisfied and the warehouse operator is earning.

To achieve efficiency, a warehouse needs to offer safety of products and workers, eased access and time-conscious services. Whether or not your warehouse delivers on these aspects depends on the warehouse racking system you choose for your warehouse.

The following are therefore the factors to consider when choosing a warehouse racking system that best suits your operations.

Determine Storage Capacity

Pallet Racking Illustration

The most fundamental factor of any storage facility is its capacity. Calculating and recording the size of a warehouse is essential in determining the amount of storage space is available which can apply for a long term or short term period.

The capacity calculation is to be measured with consideration to vertical space as well as ground space. This becomes useful in determining which warehouse racking system design can be applied in the maximum utilization of your available space.

Use the SKU Analysis

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. An SKU analysis helps in sorting what varieties of goods to be stored go where. This is determined based on size, shape, weight and the movement rate in and out of the warehouse.

Even though an SKU analysis is meant to guide business decisions such as what products to store and such, it can be applied in determining what racking system is the most suitable. It provides details on the product categories, flow within the warehouse how they will be stored and accessed which makes it a guide to picking an appropriate racking system.

Establish Type of Products

The nature of the products you plan to store within your establishment is another fundamental factor when planning for a warehouse racking system. Establishing the types of products provides data such as; flammable, fragile, perishable, frozen, and pharmaceutical just to mention a few categories.

That kind of information is useful in determining the kind of care relevant for the safety as well as an access system for the products being stored. This information can, therefore, be translated into the racking system plan.

Establish a Storage, Retrieval and Location Control System

The storage, retrieval, and location of products are the three basic activities that take place within a warehouse, which should be effectively implemented for maximum performance. Therefore for the seamless and convenient operation of these activities, the fundamental tool in use which is a racking system should be the best.

Whether or not it is the best will be determined by how it can apply the above factors to initiate storage, retrieval, and location most efficiently.

Tips for a Proficient Warehouse Racking System

Choosing the most appropriate warehouse racking system is one problem which when solved does not necessarily mean that you will start achieving the best results. That stage only gives you the right tools to achieve the best results. You, however, need set them up efficiently to realize the best results.

Pallet Flow LOC8

Here are some tips to consider in the installation plan of your warehouse racking system for the top of the line performance in areas such as safety, product demand vis a vis its accessibility and an overall proficient facility operation.

Consider Product Size

Your warehouse racking system design is basically determined by the size of products that you choose to store within your facility. As much as you may have the adequate space to stockpile products, how you do so depending on their sizes determines the amount, accessibility hence the performance of your warehouse.

For instance, warehouses that deal with large products use bulk stacks or pallet racks for storage, whereas small products are stored using flow racks or static shelves. By setting up differentiated systems factors such as easy picking and product safety are considered.

Save on Space with Movable Pallet Racks

The mobile racking system is an innovative type of racking system that has brought a new level of convenience to the warehouse racking industry. The fact that they operate on movable racks enhance their storage capacity given that it rids your warehouse of unutilized aisle space.

Still on how efficient this warehouse racking layout design is, the movable pallet racks are flexible enough to handle any kind of product regardless of bulk, size, shape or weight. Mobile pallet racks can even accommodate forklifts, trucks, and cranes. It does not get any more convenient than that.

Durability Matters

Any racking system that you decide to install within your warehouse must primarily have a significant lifespan for the safety of your employees and goods stored. You can assess with the aid of racking system supplier on which aspects make up a robust shelving structure.

Wear and tear are likely eventualities for any racking system’s infrastructure. The difference is determined by the answer to the question, “After how long?” The longer the period the better the racking system will serve you. Anything other than that will mean that the system will cost you more than you earn.

LOC8’s Warehouse Racking Services

The immense industrial growth in the UAE has demanded the development of storage facilities and consequently the growth of the warehouse industry. And so, warehouse operators need the best warehouse racking system designs to give them the competitive advantage within the industry.

LOC8 is among the companies that assist warehouse operators in achieving the efficiency they need for their given storage enterprises, which it does as a racking system supplier in Dubai, and has succeeded in doing so, making it a top racking system supplier in the UAE. They also provide a variety of racking system services including expert advice, customization of racking systems and the racking systems as their major products. Shelving in the UAE has been more efficient thanks to the LOC8’s innovative approach in the provision of warehouse racking system services.

Advancing the Warehouse Racking Industry

LOC8 as a racking system supplier has enhanced warehouse racking in Dubai by providing competitive products and services that have resulted in satisfied clients all over Dubai and the UAE in general.

They not only offer a vast variety of racking systems including the cantilever, mobile, high bay, push-back and open face racking systems just to mention a few, but also do they use new and modernized methods. In the provision of warehouse racking services, LOC8 focuses on the following factors to ensure maximum customer satisfaction;

  • Product and worker safety
  • Convenient workability
  • Product accessibility
  • Maximum utilization of space
  • Overall performance enhancement to increase the warehouse’s profit margin

The LOC8 3D Racking Visualization

LOC8 has introduced the use of 3 dimension technology to help in the visualization and organization of warehouse racking layout designs into different warehouse layout designs. In theory, this is a ground-breaking use of technology in enhancing the planning and installation of a warehouse racking system.

With this kind of technology in use, the LOC8 team of experts is able to give their client a sense of the warehouse layout design before and after their proposed racking system of choice is installed. This can be quite utile when planning especially in dealing with indecision.

The LOC8 team is, therefore, able to design a warehouse racking layout using this technology in hours rather than days and present it to the client for approval and rectifications in a more convenient and cost-effective manner.

There are instances where the application of this 3D software has been utile to LOC8’s clients. One of them involved a client opening a storage facility which was to store museum like products which came in different shapes and sizes.

Warehouse Design 3D Visualization

The warehouse layout design to be used was also not the conventional kind. That, therefore, meant that a non-conventional approach had to be taken to handle this issue. By using the 3D software, the team was able to provide a racking solution that catered for the diversity of the goods stored as well as layout design available for them.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in the provision of the relevant knowledge on all aspects of warehouse racking systems. So, when choosing a racking system for your storage facility, you know where to look and what to look for. And if you are looking for a racking system supplier in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, then LOC8 should be your first pick if a wide variety of products and professional assistance is what you seek for your warehouse racking system. Contact LOC8 today.

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