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July 15, 2018
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Warehouse Consulting Service and Mobile Shelving Image

Warehouse Consulting Service and Mobile Shelving Image

One of the recipes for accelerating your business growth is being efficient in the use of your resources. Time happens to be one of the most valuable asset for any business, followed by space. The management of these two assets is what sets apart successful businesses from unsuccessful ones.

From that perspective, any business that requires storage facilities or warehouses would want to expand its scope of operations while still maintaining their flexibility, needs to hire a consultant to help them manage their warehouse, give solutions targeting inventory management, and advice on warehouse layout design and structure.

Warehouse logistics consultants are professional warehouse designers with extensive experience on matters around inventory management, supply chain management, and warehouse design. One of the warehouse consultant’s job description is to provide solutions for all your warehouse needs, leaving you to focus on other important aspects of your business such as marketing. In any case, customer’s experience should be your number one priority. Warehouse consultants help ensure that order fulfillment is done on time with ease of access to the stock during shipment leaving customers satisfied, which means more business for your company.

Who would benefit from Warehouse Consulting Services?

1.  Large businesses with insufficient space

As stated, time and space are one of the most important assets of a business, especially one dealing with physical bulky goods. To that end, professional warehouse management consulting services are a must-have if you want to scale your business beyond its current level. With limited space, they can help you put each inch of your warehouse into good use, reducing your operation costs and improving the efficiency of your facility.

2.  Any Business with high demand

Supply chain management demands sharpness and quick responsiveness if your business is to be successful. If your business receives high demand of goods, then having an exemplary distribution facility is important in helping you manage your inventory. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting once they order for a product. Warehouse consultants will help you improve your warehouse processes to ensure your orders are fulfilled in time.

3.  Bulky goods providers

If your business deals with bulky goods, then every inch of space becomes important and valuable. You need a warehouse efficiency consultant to help guide you through the process of arranging your warehouse in the most efficient way that will ensure it’s easy to access stocks as well as utilize every inch of the space. Warehouse design consultants will help in designing your warehouse in respect to what your business offers and your business needs.

4.  Business with poor inventory records

Keeping records can be hectic and cumbersome. If you want to avoid this, then availing warehouse consulting services is your best bet. They can automate the process of inventory management and make it easy to track orders as well as replenish the inventory, reducing the work load for your workers.

5.  Poor order fulfillment

If you find that your customers are always complaining of late delivery and wrong product delivery, then efficient warehouse management is what you’re missing. With the support from the warehouse consultants, you can easily fulfill orders because they will ensure that your warehouse is easily accessible, keep clean records of orders, and ensure only the right products get shipped.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Warehouse Efficiency Consultant in Dubai and all of the UAE?

warehousing solutions

1.  Saves space

One of the major advantages of hiring experts for your warehouse consulting needs is the ability to turn a relatively small space into a well-utilized one. This way, your business will not only save on costs on rent, but also ensures everything is well, within reach and accessible. This in the long run saves you on costs far more than you would incur in paying the professional consultation fees.

2.  Increases customer satisfaction

A well-organized warehouse guarantees easy order fulfillment and ensures that orders are delivered on time as it improves warehouse accessibility. This, in effect, gives your customers a good experience and satisfaction guaranteeing you of more businesses in future. Customer satisfaction is the goal of most businesses and it’s what sets successful business apart from the unsuccessful ones.

3.  Reduces wear and tear of equipment

With a good warehouse efficiency consultant, you can turn your warehouse into a well-organized place making it easy to access stocks and arrange items. This therefore means less work for your fork lifts, and other equipment saving you on cost maintenance. These costs on equipment takes up a huge chunk of your warehouse budget, but with a well-designed warehouse, it can be reduced.

4.  Saves time

As stated before, time is one of the most important assets of any business. You don’t want to focus a lot of your time doing one thing. A lot of companies provide warehouse consulting services that make warehouse management including designing aspect, inventory and distribution management and many more, as flawless as it can possibly be. This helps you to focus on other business operations to boost your business’ growth and prospects.

5.  Heightens Security

Security is a major concern when it comes to warehouse operations. When you have so many items stocked up, theft and mischief can be hard to detect. With the use of warehouse consulting services from experts, you get to be advised on how to set your warehouse layout design with security in mind. They have different types of racking system, vehicle restraints, good conveyor systems, and much more products to ensure that your warehouse can’t be easily breached. They can offer a good warehouse management system that automates the process of order fulfillment and prevents theft of items by employees too.

6.  Boosts efficiency and productivity of workers

When the process of moving and packing is reduced by a good warehouse racking layout design, then the work of workers becomes reduced significantly and they become more effective in doing other important work. This way, they become more efficient and your business reaps the most benefits. Companies with fulfilled workers outperform others by at least 147% according to Gallup.

7.  Improves inventory visibility and management

For a business to continue operations, its inventory must be well-managed, replenished when need be, and fulfilled. If your business dares run out of stock, then you stand to lose a lot of business. Warehouse consulting services from experts help you with your inventory management and make the process even easier. With a good warehouse racking layout, your workers can easily access items due to improved visibility, making order fulfillment much easier.

8.  Eliminates unnecessary paperwork

With a good warehouse management system, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Paperwork may make work monotonous and unfulfilling. Warehouse consults will help eliminate this and digitizes the process reducing the workload by huge margins. Annually, businesses perform a full physical count of inventory, and if your warehouse racking system design is poorly done, then that is greatly hindered and even paperwork cannot save you from such a mess.

9.  Reduces operational expenses

The advantage of a warehouse efficiency consultant is that they’re able to guide your business on the efficient use of the warehouse space. They help arrange the warehouse in such a way that space is utilized efficiently, reducing the cost of rent if your warehouse is rented, or the need to have additional warehouses.

10.  Warehouse designing

One other important advantage of hiring warehouse design consultants is they help you in coming up with your warehouse design layout, warehouse racking system design, shelving, and an easily maneuverable warehouse design that improves the efficiency of your facility. In the long run, your company’s services improve, deadlines get easily met, and your customers get satisfied.

How to Identify the Best Warehouse Consulting Services Provider

Now, if your business operations are based in the UAE, specifically in Dubai, finding the right warehouse consultant can be daunting. The following ways will help you find the right storage and handling solutions supplier in the UAE and Dubai as well as other warehouse consulting services provider.

Mezzanine Floors

1.  Do enough research

Don’t take any company you come across at face value. They claim to have done warehouse consultancy for 10 years? Prove it. Go in depth. Read online reviews of former customers and learn how the company treats their clients. Are customers complaining about the services they have received? What services do they offer? Do they provide what your business needs? Are they willing to tailor their services to suit your requirements? Do they provide their details where you can contact them anytime for any of your concerns? Performing enough background research is your separating factor between exemplary services, and shoddy work.

2.  Check experience level

A company that has been in business for long is likely to offer good warehouse consulting services than one that’s new in the game. They’ve been there, seen that, and done that. They know exactly where the shoe hurts the most, and have firsthand experience in developing warehouses that suit the clients’ needs. You’re therefore best served by a company that knows its cards and understand the work. However, that is not to say that there aren’t good newer consultancy companies, but you have to approach them with the caution that they may not be as good as experienced ones.

3.  Ask the necessary questions

Don’t just settle for the information you read on the website. Take the extra step to engage with the management of the distribution consulting firm and learn what they offer first hand. Ask questions on how they will work to improve your warehouses or facilities. Learn about the services they offer. Ask for quotes and rates on shelving in UAE and logistics, warehouse layout design and others. Do not settle for less. If they don’t offer what you’re looking for, you can look for a company that provides what you need and want.

4.  How professional are they?

It’s easy to judge how professional a warehouse consultancy company is with how they treat their prospective clients. If you find that you have to wait for long periods for them to answer your questions or they do not take time to explain their services, then that simply means they do not give a hoot about them. How well-endowed are they both staff-wise and equipment? Do they have what it takes to do warehouse racking or any warehouse-related services and products? The website can also be a good indication of their level of professionalism. In this digital era, the website is the first point of contact between a customer and a company. Having no website for clients to check on means the company is not too serious in doing business. So how they present their company through their website determines how professional their company is.

Why LOC8 is the best Warehouse Consulting Company in the UAE?

LOC8 is a warehouse consulting company based in the UAE that offers storage and handling solutions, loading dock levelers, sectional doors, fast action doors, through to racking, shelving, and mezzanines and more. With competitive prices, our services are focused on the customer needs, while ensuring the prices remain competitive and at the same time, delivering quality products. LOC8 management has been in the warehouse consulting industry for 25 years and we therefore boast of exemplary services that are time-tested and proven to work. If you’re looking for a good warehouse consulting services company in the country, here’s why LOC8 is the best for you:

1.  Extensive experience

LOC8 has been in the business long enough to understand the ins and outs of warehouse management. With many years’ experience, we know where the shoe hurts the most and equally understand the constantly changing needs of businesses. Such experience level guarantees you of quality service. We are able to put together a professional design that will ensure the best utilization of your organization’s warehouse.

2.  Tailor services to suit your needs

LOC8 is not rigid when it comes to offering warehouse efficiency consultancy services as we know each business is different from others. We, therefore, will listen to your needs, brainstorm different ideas with you, and come up with a perfect solution to fit your business warehousing needs. In any case, our services cover all aspects of warehouse management and you are therefore guaranteed to have everything under one room with us.

3. Annual planned maintenance programmes

Another differentiating aspect of LOC8 from other warehouse consultancy providers is our ability to offer annual planned warehouse maintenance programmes for our clients. We understand that a warehouse is not rigid and with time, a few changes need to be made to enhance efficiency. That’s why after setting up your warehouse, we ensure that your warehouse remains up and running, leaving you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

4.  State-of-the-art Warehouse labeling design and installation

With our state-of-the-art warehouse racking layout design and warehouse design consultancy services, we’ll ensure that your warehouse is easily navigable with proper labeling and installation of racks, shelves, and mezzanines. Furthermore, our expertise will leave your warehouse looking well-organized and meticulously done.

5.  Highly professional and experienced staff

LOC8 is well-endowed with professional staffs who know what they’re doing and we have mastered extensive skills in warehouse design and you can be guaranteed of professional services.

LOC8’s Warehouse Consulting Services in the UAE

LOC8's Racking, Shelving, Industrial Fans and Weapons Storage Service Images

1.  Racking

Our services include racking which comes in many configurations such as FIFO, FILO, dynamic and static all of which would be tailored specifically to your business demands.


2.  Shelving Solutions

We also offer shelving solutions including multi-tier shelving, high-bay shelving, mobile shelving and many others for easy accessibility and maximization of storage space for the smaller parts in your business.


3.  Industrial Fans

LOC8 provides other important products for warehouses such as high volume low speed (HVLS) fans which move air for your workers 24/7. Our Rite-Hite Fans provide more air movement than any other HVLS fan in the market.

4.  Weapons Storage

We provide secure storage of military weapons such as M16 racks, pistol racks, gear bag cabinets, or optics cabinets, all utilizing the same secure cabinet frame. This way, weapons can be stored without disassembling them to allow secure, safe and easy accessibility in case of security threats.

5.  Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor is a raised platform supported by steel that is independent of the building. It maximizes the utilization of the floor space by covering areas that might seem unusable due to holes or other factors. Loc8’s system will help you in maximizing valuable floor space and wasted headroom.

6.  Fork Trucks

LOC8 gives special emphasis on the needs of clients and avails them specific products to help in running day to day warehouse activities. This includes fork truck solutions that help enhance the efficiency of your warehouse and the safety of workers as well as making work easier.

7.  Industrial Partitions

Partitioning can help maximize your physical existing space and can provide additional security to businesses dealing with high risk stock. You can have extra office areas erected in places where there would be none, while at the same time still retaining the same utility of the rest of the existing space.

Summing it up

The importance of warehouse consulting services cannot be understated. Not only will you save funds but the overall efficiency of your business will improve. At LOC8, you can count on a warehouse consultancy service provider that strives to help your business meet its goals. Enquire now and our team of experts will get in touch with you soon!

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